The SOM Gallery presents Nahum Binyamin's Royal Collection of Jewels, created by the artist in a very special State Of Mind (SOM) expressing wholeness, freedom, love and abundance with a fine selection of Earth's minerals set in each jewelry to further empower your State Of Mind (SOM).

Throughout history, in various cultures, gemstones have been known to be treasured for their healing and protective powers as well as their beauty: Gems on the High Priest's Breastplate; Gems traditional use by the Hindu astrology; Gems in Tibetan Mala bead necklaces; and more.
Different gemstones are characterized by different strengths, promoting health, success and general well-being.

The SOM Gallery appreciates the powers of jewels as well as the beauty of jewelry and invites you to choose a one of a kind work art
perfectly suited for you. Each piece of jewelry, handmade by Nahum Binyamin, is individually matched both to your taste and to your State Of Mind (SOM).



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