9876543210 (Nine to Zero)

Shun Komiyama

April 14, 2023 ー May 14, 2023


SOM GALLERY is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of by Shun Komiyama "9876543210 ( Nine to Zero )," at BakuroYokoyama.

Komiyama is a photographer and artist from Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.
He has been focusing on the beauty of photography, which to him is, "to capture one's point of view on actual events," and expresses and builds a graphical world without relying on computer editing.

Komiyama started off by capturing the street, and has been able to show the reality of his surroundings from his own unique perspective.  Just as Shomei Tohmatsu, Shoji Ueda, Daido Moriyama, and others have shown the air and dynamism that existed in the past, Komiyama consistently captures the truth and traces of the world around him as it is, and he will be showing a series of work surrounding that concept in this exhibition.

This exhibition explores the allegorical meaning of “numbers”, a concept that is only used amongst human beings.
Men have long used numbers to build relationships with others. Today, as well as in the past, numbers are powerful symbols and concepts for communicating in situations where there is no common language.
At the same time, these symbols can limit our possibilities. In a capitalist society, numbers act as a label, and often define and at times bring down the worth.

In current photography, the attention is focused on reproducibility and printing, losing the true value and expression of what photography can offer. 
By comparing the existence of such photographs to numbers, he attempts to redefine the intrinsic value of photography.

Komiyama has found the symbol, "numbers," as one of the motifs that he will express in the future.
He cuts out the many symbols (numbers) that exist in the city through the act of photography, sublimates the meanings they contain, and gives them a new life. This very act is, in Komiyama's opinion, the current orthodox expression of photography.

We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.


Installation View