From 0 to 1

Aiku Kurotaki

April 24, 2024 - May 5, 2024


SOM GALLERY is delighted to announce "From 0 to 1," a solo exhibition by Aiku Kurotaki on view from April 24 to May 5.This will be Kurotaki's first solo exhibition, and will mainly show his representative work, "Human 1"

​Kurotaki studied textiles at Tokyo Zokei University, and focuses on textile forms, in which fibers cross each other to create a three-dimensional structure, and uses these characteristics to create them.

​The three-dimensional works, which are created by the intersection of fibers, is a worldview evoked from Kurotaki's point of view, and no matter which perspective one takes of the world, the conclusion can be attributed to the presence or absence of existence and developed into the concept of "0,1". By lowering the resolution to a more microscopic perspective, it comes to the idea that the smallest unit of material structure, the elementary particle, is made up of strings.

​Kurotaki uses this idea and the fact that the weave's organization chart, which represents the warp and weft thread intersections, is based on "0" and "1" information to try to create a simple three-dimensional object.

​The three-dimensional works, which represent human beings within a frame and  are composed of warp and weft threads, bring into sharp relief the human being as an existence caught up in a conception created by the brain and body.
As a result, it evokes the perspective of a human who perceives things by laying down boundaries between the inside and the outside.

Kurotaki's works not only have structural beauty, but may also free us from the perspective obsessed over by algorithm, and invite people to enter a world gazing at it from a more bird's eye view.

​Aiku Kurotaki was born in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. He graduated from Textile design Major,  Department of design at Tokyo Zokei University in 2022.In 2020, he studied at the Department of Textiles, University of Bristol, UK. Kurotaki currently resides in Tokyo, where he focuses on creating works. Major group exhibitions include "JUMP AROUND" at Gallery Conceal Shibuya (Tokyo, 2020) and "LOOKS" at America-Bashi Gallery (Tokyo, 2019). This exhibition "From 0 to 1" will be his first solo show.

​The exhibition features about five three-dimensional works.
An opening reception attended by the artist will be held on Wednesday, April 24th 19:00-21:00 at SOM GALLERY. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the exhibition. 


Installation View