Group show "Untitled"

Hiroki Niimi, Midori Kawano, Hiro Sugiyama, Eri Fukami, Ryota Watanabe, Hal Matsuda, Hal Osawa, Rei Kizumoto, Koga Miura, Moe Nakase

January 14, 2023 - February 5, 2023


SOM GALLERY is pleased to announce “Group Show ‘Untitled’”, a group exhibition by 10 artists as the first exhibition of SOM GALLERY.

This exhibition is intended to show SOM GALLERY's future direction as a contemporary art gallery in terms of how we will confront, interpret, and express contemporary art.

This group exhibition consists of two aspects.
One is the sublimation and new development of street art, which is currently the center of the Asian art market, including Japan.
The other is the re-exploration of materiality in painting, which has been attracting renewed attention, especially from artists such as Shinro Ohtake. At first glance, these may appear to be contradictory or different vectors, but they certainly coexist in a art work. These aspects will be explored in the works of 10 artists, most of whom are young artists.

The exhibiting artists include:
Hiroki Niimi, who creates two-dimensional works focued on the theme of today’s mass consumption society, especially the consumption of creativity in it.
Midori Kawano, who develops works focusing on phenomena with a graphic worldview as the main axis.
Hiro Sugiyama, who expresses the “in between” of figuration and abstraction by silhouetting motifs in his recent works
Eri Fukami, who creates two-dimensional works on the theme of “where our mind is” in oneself and in the world
Ryota Watanabe, who tries to visualize himself between reality and emptiness by representing the world between the real and the internet.
Hal Matsuda, who creates “VR prints” by combining prints and VR.
Hal Osawa, who expresses the gap created by the act of “reproduction” by printing drawings with a copy machine.
Rei Kizumoto, who creates paintings composed of lines and colored surfaces.
Koga Miura, who mainly creates two-dimensional works on the theme of “coincidence, randomness, the boundary between manual and mechanical work, and labor.
Moe Nakase, who goes with herself to nature and creates two-dimensional works using beeswax to convey her own inner expression.

Each of these paintings, while following in the footsteps of paintings of the past, has its own unique beauty and significance for today, and is by no means based on a single view of painting. However, therse are advances in expression rooted in the sensibilities and values of our modern age.


Installation View