Hot Spring

Yurika Shiroyama

March 23, 2024 (Saturday) - April 14, 2024 (Sunday)


SOM GALLERY is delighted to announce "Hot Spring," a solo exhibition by Yurika Shiroyama on view from March 23 to April 14.

This will be Shiroyama's second solo exhibition at SOM GALLERY following last year’s "Yolk."

​Shiroyama’s paintings express a distinctive worldview inspired by her daily drawing practice. She builds their visual planes with layers of color that emerge from the seamless interplay of smooth curves and other elements. Shiroyama was born in Tokyo and has also lived in New York; she is interested in how nature can coexist with city life, embarking on a journey to create art exploring her innate naturalness which embraces both "shizensei" (自然性)—the act of being natural—and "jinen" (自然)—symbiosis with nature.

"Hot Spring" is inspired by natural elements like water, earth, and fire. By incorporating them into her drawings, Shiroyama allows us to perceive our bodies as integral parts of nature. The wind and water droplets depicted in her paintings may give comfort to urban viewers who feel distanced from nature, reminding us of the many ways that we’re intertwined with it.

​Shiroyama moves effortlessly between drawing and painting, bringing genuine spontaneity to her mark making. Her flexibility in the outlining and rhythmic placement of motifs reflects her unrestrained nature. This approach can be seen as Shiroyama’s way of coexisting with the natural world.

​Shiroyama was born in Tokyo, Japan. She studied graphic design at Musashino Art University in Tokyo. Shiroyama has lived in New York and currently resides in Tokyo, where she works as an illustrator while also pursuing her art practice. Major solo exhibitions include "Untitled" at BLOCK HOUSE (Tokyo, 2022) and "Yoke" at SOM GALLERY (Tokyo, 2023). She has participated in such art fairs as ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA at SOM GALLERY (Tokyo, 2023).

​The exhibition features about ten new paintings.
An opening reception attended by the artist will be held on Saturday, March 23rd 17:00-19:00 at SOM GALLERY. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the exhibition. 


Installation View