Announcement of participation in 'TAIPEI DANGDAI 2024'

May 10-12, 2024

SOM GALLERY will participate in the art fair 'TAIPEI DANGDAI 2024' held in Taiwan from May 10 (Fri) to 12 (Sat), 2024.

 At this exhibition, works by artists based in the Netherlands, Aldo van den Broek and Johnny Mei Hauzer, will be displayed.

Aldo van den Broek and Johnny Mei Hauzer held their first exhibition in Asia at SOM GALLERY in October 2023. For the first time at TAIPEI DANGDAI, SOM GALLERY will introduce them, focusing on the depth of human existence and real-life experiences that continuously traverse between digital and real in today's world.

Aldo van den Broek, who creates painting works using discarded materials, will present works using familiar tatami in addition to the cardboard, wood, cloth, and metal he has worked with so far.

Meanwhile, Johnny Mei Hauzer produces photo works with serene and introspective imagery, challenging to capture the mysterious realm of emotions. In this exhibition, he will unveil visually concealed works intended to encourage viewers to explore introspection, solitude, and emotional intimacy through the artwork itself.

Furthermore, this exhibition will present large-scale collaborations that they have each produced using the respective media for the first time.

We hope that you will enjoy the exhibition.

Participating artists: 
 - Aldo van den Broek
 - Johnny Mei Hauzer